Metaphor Is Collaboration Software For Better
Process Execution and Team Engagement

Understand your process

Get the big picture

Collaborate with others to easily visualize your process so coworkers can gain a complete understanding of it, both from a big-picture perspective and down to relevant smaller details.

Clear up confusion

With one shared, definitive process, complete with discrete steps, you can eliminate confusion and make one clear process that you and your coworkers all agree on.

Make connected activities visible

Link your processes to others or assign yours as a subprocess of another process so you can understand how activities ‘upstream’ connect with activities ‘downstream.’

Reach across silos

With Metaphor, you have unprecedented access to processes across your organization, at various levels and both within and outside of your own functional silo.

Evolve your process

Your processes are constantly changing as you try to make them the most efficient and effective that they can be. You can reflect these changes in Metaphor to communicate to coworkers how your processes are changing and how they may be affected.

Choose your approach: top-down or bottom-up

You can use either the top-down or bottom-up approach in creating a network of processes. The top-down approach starts with leaders who really know the core processes setting out a structure and having everyone else fill in their parts as subprocesses. Or you can have project teams where each individual details his or her part and then links to the next individual’s process with handoffs so that all parts of a process are covered.

Team Collaboration

Work together in real time

Using Metaphor, you and your coworkers create and edit processes and visuals together in real time.

Various team members using their computers to collaborate on a project using

Team administration panel

Create teams to address different needs

Make those inefficient meetings and group emails a thing of the past. Organize your working communication logically with Metaphor's process-centric teams.

Collaborate on problem-solving in context

Contribute to the discussion feed with notes accompanied by pins–so everyone knows exactly which part of the process you’re talking about. Or, if you need to communicate with only one coworker, send her a message.

Several comments on a process

Impacts and Associations

What do you impact?

Understand your impact

With Metaphor, you can mark which processes you impact and where, then see how many degrees of impact you have on related processes, products, customers, parts, and locations. That way, you and everyone else has a line of sight to what is impacted.

What impacts you?

Know how things are connected

Your physical processes, products, customers, parts, and locations are all interconnected, so in Metaphor, they are too. When two things aren't directly linked but are significantly related, you can still show that through Metaphor's association feature.

More Than Processes

Find relevant information

Information and communication is organized around processes. It is also logically organized around your products, customers, parts, and locations. It's easy for you to access the relevant information you need. See the activity surrounding the product, customer, part, or location, and keep up with how your coworkers are working on it.

Everything has its place

Understand products, customers, parts, and locations in their context by associating them with their relevant processes, different parts, manufacturing locations, and receiving customers.

Metrics and status

Grey and White stop light IconSee how a process is going at a glance

Keeping regularly informed is a critical activity for any team. With the simple green, yellow, or red of Metaphor's status buttons, it only takes a cursory glance to spot trouble areas in a process.

Know what's important

Analyzing information is the ideal way to know what your best practices are and where you need to improve. With Metaphor, each individual or team of coworkers can report their metrics and performance, and that data is then readily available for all parts of the company.

Drive improvement

Make change based on data, not guesswork. Collaborate with your coworkers to test your hypotheses and share findings.

Set clear goals

With accessible metrics, you have a clear and simple way to measure your progress and make goals for the future.

Provide transparency

In an increasingly data-heavy world, it's vital to take advantage of the available information. Of course, you can only do that if the data is both findable and accessible. Metaphor provides increased visibility and organization for your metrics.


A visual

A picture is worth a thousand words

People are visual thinkers. Utilize Metaphor's vast library of art assets and create a visual illustration, using some of the same tools that are available to you in the process builder, like the collaborative features.

Process Mode

A Process in Process Build mode

Visual Mode

A Visual in Visual Explore mode

Make your presentations look good

You can take a pre-existing process and create a really good looking presentation in a visual. You can also make a standalone visual for whatever you need to illustrate, whether that's a business concept or a new proposal.

Powerful Administrative Controls

Easily control account access

Control who has access to your company's networks of processes with Metaphor's tools for managing team members, monitoring activity, and controlling who has permission to see what.

Your work: private and secure

Your processes and contact information are safe with Metaphor's strong approach to security and privacy. Advanced security options like SSO and IP management are also available.

We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our cloud infrastructure provider. AWS has obtained ISO 27001 certification and been validated as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data Security Standard (DSS). AWS undergoes annual SOC 1 audits and has been successfully evaluated at the Moderate level for Federal government systems as well as DIACAP Level 2 for DoD systems. For more information, please refer to the AWS Compliance webpage.

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