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New Products in 2015 will release two new products in 2015 for strategy execution and customer impact. Join our early adopter program to experience positive change within your organization. Just provide your business email to get started:

Customer In.Sight

Everyone in the business contributes to the customer’s experience of your products and services. But in many cases, workers don’t always have a direct line-of-sight to which customers they impact. With Customers In.Sight™ employees will discover how they affect specific customers and how they impact both customers and co-workers.

Strategy In.Sight

Cascading strategy within an organization is often difficult when employees cannot make a connection between daily work activities and corporate initiatives. Strategies In.Sight™ visually shows work processes and teams, connecting them to the company strategies they support. Employees will better understand how they contribute and affect strategy overall.

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Metaphor is process-centric collaboration software that helps you and your company communicate and problem solve. You can better align tasks and activities within a team and across silos in a large organization to produce superior results.